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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rain, Rain and More Rain !

We have been having quit the storm here. We have had one day without rain in a week, it happened to be the day I worked. Some areas on Vancouver Island are being declared a state of emergency with all the flooding. Wind storms are also causing damage. I've been pretty lucky, no flooding, no power failures and then this morning I go to have a shower and there's no hot water. Our tank is gone.

I went for the H1N1 and seasonal flu shots yesterday. My Doctor had two students doing the shots and happened to mention that in the UK it's only the students who give shots. Taking my Mom to her Doctor this afternoon for her shots and then I guess it will be off to see about getting the water tank fixed/replaced.

I finished my exchange ornament and got it in the mail, hope my partner likes it. I'm working on a biscornu that I think will turn out to be pretty big. I always like to stitch a co-ordinating back, but can't think of what to do for this one, it's on white with 4 Christmas trees, so I was thinking of green tea dyeing fabric for the back. I'm hoping to get this done today.


mumzy said...

It has been in the news about all the rain and the flooding you are having in BC. We have been very fortunate here in NB as we have had nothing but sunshine and warmer than normal temperatures, so no complaints here.

Brigitte said...

I hope you will have the water tanks replaced very soon. Those autumn storms can be rather strong.
So good to read that you haven't had any flooding where you live.

Nic said...

After a beautiful autumn - unseasonably warm - we've been having a lot of wind and rain the last few days. Some places have 8ft of flood water ... I hopet he world weather settles soon!

I had my swine flu jab yesterday - I think your doctor was teasing you - mine was administered by the practice nurse, and my partner's by his GP the day before. Either of those are the normal people to do such things in a community setting - not students :o)

(But I usually have a student present when I see my neurologist. The poor things have to try and find my reflexes...)

Andrea said...

Sorry to hear about your rainfall. We have flooding here in the UK yet again in a different part of the country.
In our doctors surgery the jabs are done by the practice nurse along with a lot of the jobs the doctors used to do!