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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Catch Up !

Long overdue for a posting. Everything here is fine and not so fine. Firstly, my back is much better. Doctor's office called and said she wanted to see me about the results of my x-ray, nothing urgent, thank goodness as I waited 10 days to get in. I'm sure if there was a problem I wouldn't have had to wait. Just as she predicted it is degenerative, but not as bad as my pain would indicate, not to mention how often it happens. It's also weak muscles and weight. I am slowly working on it, baby steps at a time.

Last Tuesday I worked and when I got home Tiger was outside and so happy to see me she came running down to the garage and was jumping all over me. They say things can happen in a split second, well she ran ahead of me and I heard this yelp. She started limping and was obviously in pain, laid on the floor all evening, didn't eat. The next morning I took her to the vet and she has a torn ligament. She had this same problem last year, although I don't know how it happened, and it was the other hind leg. She is improving, can now get up on her outside chair and some mornings I find her sleeping on the couch. She has only come upstairs once since this happened and it was kind of funny, at first I thought it was my Mom banging her cane, only to find Tiger limping up the steps, she went to her usual spot in the computer room and I bent down petted her and asked if she wanted to go to Trout Lake, well the tail started going and she got up and started limping off, turning back to see if I was coming. We went and I parked as close to the off leash area as I could and we just spent our time there. Tiger can't walk too much, but just the fact that she is wanting to get out is a good sign. Today she went swimming, which should
be good exercise for the leg.

However this is how she felt when we got home, after 5 minutes of realizing she couldn't stay in the car she did get out.

With Tiger not being able to walk, even when she can she's not as fast as she used to be, I have decided to start going to a track to do "my" walking. Last Monday was my first day and I did 3 laps, 1/4 mile each lap. For some unkown reason I skipped yesterday, oh yeah I was lazy. I did go today, told myself it's only 35-40 minutes out of my day and with the weather being so nice, it's good to be out and about, fresh air and all.

As for stitching I have done some, don't have any pictures to post today. Battery is being charged. I will take some and post them tomorrow, might even have a finish tonight.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Enjoy the day !

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Keativ Blogger Award

I am so bad, back on March 24th Zoe of Quilts & All awarded me my first blogger award. Thanks. I see these all the time and by now most if not all blogs I read have been awarded, so I'm not going to name any, just know that your blog is among the greatest :) I may not comment on all the blogs I read, especially lately with my back problem, I usually just read through and drool at all the wonderful stitching going on. Zoe does some beautiful quilting, go have a look.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Feeling Better

Today is the first day I have not been in pain and it feels so good. It does feel like there was something wrong, but no pain, I said that already didn't I? Well it feels so good I want to shout it out from the rooftop !! I saw my doctor on Monday and explained the pain symptoms. She examined me and says it is a degenerative disc, unless the x-rays I went for say differently. It's all up to me now, keep taking Advil and/or Robaxacet as needed, build core muscles, exercise -gentle and stretching and the cure all for all lose weight. I look at food and put on weight. I know how hard it is, I did it "once" lost 50 pounds, then life got in the way and I gained most if not more back. This past year I tried Jenny Craig, yeah for Valerie, Can I come live with you ? It worked, at first, then I tired of the food and would cheat, love my chocolate. After being on a plateau for months (okay the chocolate didn't help) I stopped going and then my back problem started and I gained 10 pounds, should have stopped looking at the food :). I need to be more disciplined and plan ahead, one of the things Weight Watchers suggests and intellectually I know they are right, but I have no discipline, okay make that will power ! Maybe I need to go back to them, we'll see, in the meantime I am going to look into water exercises and try some of the floor and stretching exercises my doctor suggested.

I was walking through Sears yesterday and noticed runners were 30% off, since I need a new pair I stopped and looked at them. I ended up getting a pair of Etonic walking shoes, my feet feel like they are in heaven, I'm sure this will also help my back. They are so comfy, I'm tempted to go back and get a black pair (got the white).

Did you notice my new header picture ? Can you see how sunny it is ? This was taken at Trout Lake yesterday when it was so hot you didn't need a jacket. Today I needed not only the jacket I could have used a pair of gloves.

Sumas and Winnie are getting along much better. I still don't think Sumas is as loving to Winnie as he was to Sonny, but at least they are now sitting together.

I didn't get a chance to take pictures of my stitching today, hopefully I will tomorrow. I'm wanting to go through my DMC and see what I need. Michael's has a 30% off entire regular price purchase coupon for Friday and according to their flyer DMC is not on sale.

Tiger contemplating life.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Getting Better

Thanks for all the well wishes on my back problem. Am going to the doctor tomorrow and will let you know what she has to say. I'm hoping for an instant cure :) Although I do feel better, the pain is still there.

On to my March stitching;

March floss tag designed by Anneimiek Koning of the yahoo group
A Primitive Year of Floss Tags
28 ct. unknown with WDW Cocoa,
Kudza and Chestnut.

Easter Egg by Kirsten Schmidt of Kissy Cross
(Free Pattern)
14 ct. Aida Honey from Sassy's Fabbys
DMC 4130

Design by Lizzie Kate
28 ct. evenweave Tan Marble by Sassy's Fabby
with DMC
I have 2 others done, but have misplaced the info on one and forget to take a picture of the other, so will show them next time.