Cross Stitch Happy

Thursday, January 31, 2008


Thank you to everyone for your good wishes for my Tiger. She is doing very well, wanting to roll and rub her back, which she can now do as we went and had the stitches removed this afternoon. Now if her hair would just grow back faster so I don't have that constant reminder of the incident.

I do have some stitching finishes, just don't have pictures to show. We had heaps of snow this week, so I had loads of time to stitch. I got Groundhog Day done and Hope Perches by The Sampler Girl . I forgot I had ordered this and when it came in the mail yesterday I started it right away and got it done by evening. I want to finish it off into a pillow as shown on the pattern, just don't know if I have enough of the right fabric on hand. May have to go shopping :)
I'll post the pictures tomorrow.

These Totem Poles greet visitors to Stanley Park. Please take a stroll through this link, you will be amazed at the beauty of this park, it sure brought back some great childhood memories of my visits. I just may have to find some time this summer to go again.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tiger and Stitches

BEWARE, long story, no stitching of our kind and photo at end not so pleasant.

I woke up this morning and thought it feels like an off day, something just wasn't right. Took Mom to Tim Horton's for coffee and was thinking about how I was going to spend the day after I took Tiger to Trout Lake. Mom settled that for me, asked if I would drop her off at a friends and pick her up on my way back. No problem. Dropped her off, stopped and bought treats for Tiger, gassed up the car, got to Trout Lake and decided to park in the west parking lot instead of going to the north parking lot (where I usually park), mistake #1. We started walking and as I was nearing the south end of the lake I saw a city truck and a women with 6 dogs. My first instinct was to put Tiger on her leash (this end of the lake is not off leash for dogs) , realized they were just chatting and were not animal control, but park workers, so didn't bother with the leash, mistake #2. As we walked by her 6 dogs "swarmed" Tiger, I got a hold of her collar and pulled her away and walked off. The women did call off her dogs and said she was sorry. I walked a little ways, realized Tiger was out of sorts stopped to hug and pet her, when I then realized she had been bitten on the back. I turned back and in the meantime the women was walking off in the other direction. I walked as fast as I could and started yelling for her to stop as I needed to talk to her. I must have yelled this out about 3 times, saying lady in the black coat with the white dogs, so she would know it was her being asked to stop. By this time I am getting very agitated and will admit I did use the B.... word. I'm sure she did have some female dogs :) She finally stops and turns around and as I am still walking towards her I asked if she would please come here as I needed to talk to her about what happened, she says she doesn't take orders from me. I get to her and show her Tiger's back, she does say she is sorry, but my dog turned on hers first and she has 3 witnesses. Words were exchanged and I went back to the city workers to ask them their version of what happened. Well they saw her dogs go after mine and she immediately put a muzzle on the dog who bit Tiger. I started to go towards the parking lot and see her heading in the same direction and had this awful thought that the van I had parked next to was hers. I thought this as the van had no back seats and was covered in pillows and blankets as was the front seat and filled with "junk". One of the park workers came after me and asked if that women was still here and we kept looking and finally saw her with one dog on a leash going toward the van. Yup it was hers, the other 5 were already in the van. The park worker went up to her and said that she saw her dog go after mine and that she would be responsible for half the vet bill. Long story short, she admitted "one" of her dogs bit mine but she didn't know which one, gave me her first name and phone #, I also took down her plate number. City worker gave me her name and # and advised me to call Animal Control, which I did after I got home from the vet. Something this women said made me think she had problems in the past with her dogs or at least the one. Guess what, she is "known" to animal control. I need to send in a signed statement, have already e-mailed them photos and they will be going to her house to talk to her. So far the vet bill is 468.42, they had to sedate Tiger and put a drain in as when she was bit the dog pulled and there is a pocket that could fill with fluid, she has 5 stitches in her. Decided not to show the close up I sent Animal Control, it is just too awful.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mountain View

It may have been cold today, but the sun was out, and it was such a nice treat after all the rain we had yesterday. As I was driving about today I had the most spectacular view of our mountains. I didn't have my camera, so found this on-line to show you. These are known as "The Lions".

I have nothing to show for stitching. Am finishing up my exchange to put in the mail this week. Have two things started, I know I wasn't suppose to start anything new but couldn't help it.

Still de-cluttering my home. It's amazing how much paper and junk I have accumulated. I decided to start with my spare room and I should be finished by the weekend. Once done I can then start moving "organized stuff" into it.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Scissor Fob

I have stitched a scissor fob, front and back and 3 1/2 sides together, leaving an opening for the batting. I had forgotten that I need to add something to hang the scissors on with. Would it be okay if the hanger was just from one corner or should there be something at the opposite corner ? I have looked at other scissor fobs and they all have both corners done. I thought of using a cording around it but don't have a color to match. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This is for an exchange and I want it to look really good.

This is Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver. I have been there a few times, taking out of town relatives, but have never gotten the nerve to walk across.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Stitching Goals

I have decided not to set any .........yet. I am using January to do an exchange at Hooked on Exchanging, finish WIP'S, some finishing (ornaments/pillows and such), organize my stash by starting with getting my floss back into order. Right now I have floss here and there with patterns here and there, other "stuff" here and there and they are not all in the same "here and there". Clutter may be the right word to use :) I have a huge collection of paperback books that I have read and need to get rid of and that alone will make ton's of space available. I have started my list of stitching goals and it's a bit over whelming. Once everything gets put in it's place I will see what I have or need. There is nothing like pulling out a pattern and and seeing that it calls for a dyed floss that you don't have on hand and yet the model is stitched with it and you really want it to look like that :) It has happened to me so many times. I plan on "kitting" my projects up and am hoping this will help.

Speaking of reading, well I did mention my paperback books. I just finished a delightful book by Sophie Kinsella "The Undomestic Goddess". I could just picture what was being written in my mind and bring it to life. I am now having a hard time getting into reading a Mary Higgins Clark book and I can usually finish her books in no time.

I leave you with an aerial view of downtown Vancouver.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Stitching Bloggers 2007 Birthday Club

I received these lovely gifts from Julianne. My first ever tin finish and I just love the red and white design and the scissors. A fantastic PS Santa ornament. Gentle Art threads and one by Stranded By The Sea in blues which is absolutely awesome, I can just see a bluebird design done in this. A Gold Collection petites kit, which I can't wait to get started on. Some lovely blue flowered fabric and 28ct. Quaker "Country" fabric and a little frog post it. Oh and I can't forget the little gold bag with Werther's candies...yummy !

Post edited to read Julianne with a link to her blog. My apologies for having confused your name with Jean.