Cross Stitch Happy

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Stormy Weather

When I got off work today, it was sunny and clear. As I was driving home it became darker and I could see the black clouds looming ahead. All of a sudden it started to downpour and then came HAIL. I was scared to drive, so pulled into a Safeway parking lot to sit it out. I could see the lighting but couldn't hear the thunder through the hail hitting my car. I have never been so terrified, the sound is indescribable and I would not wish it upon anyone. After 15 minutes it slowed down so I drove very slowly, as did most drivers and finally made it home. Tiger was not too happy, going from room to room and I now have a better understanding of how she must feel during a storm. 2 hours later it was sunny again. :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

$150.90 later....

This is what my poor baby looks like. Tiger looses hair on her back above the tail every summer. Yes, it is a seasonal thing, I believe from swimming in Trout Lake. If she can't get someone to scratch her, she goes under the bushes in the yard and scratches, uses furniture, rolls back and forth on the carpet, you name it she knows how to scratch. This year is especially bad, now she is getting little sores that are bleeding. So last Friday off to the vet we go, $54.00 just to walk in the door, since we are there $14.00 to trim her nails, the rest is medication and the cone. She is on antibiotics and antihistamine, which seem to be working well. She doesn't scratch (as much) and each day is less and less. Now, the cone, not sure why the vet wanted her to wear it, Tiger can't reach that part of her back with her paws. She had it on for maybe 15 minutes and I could not stand it anymore :), She must have thought the world ended, the look on her face was pitiful and all she would do is stand and look bewildered. Strange part is they never suggested she wear a cone when she gets ear infections and that would be when it is really needed. She is my baby and worth the cost, but it will cut into the stash fund.

My goal of finishing WIP's this month is not getting very far. I'm still working on one and I have a few to do. I really what to start stitching something new, but will try and restrain myself :)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Jammer and Floss

I went to Bellingham today in search of the .10cent DMC everyone is talking about and found them. The cashier had to scan each and every 271 of them individually. I always check for Jammers when I'm there and this time they had them. One would think since Walmart is selling out their stock of DMC they would discount the floss cards for storing them. Not so. I'm hoping I have enough on hand.

I am starting to feel overwhelmed with my WIP's and that they will never get done so I am dedicating this month of September to finishing them.

I work the next 3 days, so you probably won't hear from me again till next week.
Happy stitching !