Cross Stitch Happy

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Party On !

Last night Tiger was laying on the floor, looking out the kitchen window and making that sound, should I bark or not .

The neighbors were hosting a party and I'm guessing did not know it :) There were so many more squirrels, but it was so hard to get a picture out the window or maybe they were camera shy. There is a black squirrel that goes up and down our lane on the wires and plays catch me if you can games with Tiger. I'm sure he was there, but all the others were grey.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Small Finish

Tree of Life from Periphaeria Designs
32 ct. Flax Fields R&R
Silk floss by HDF

This little fob took 2 evenings to do, from start to complete finish. I've mis-placed the tag for the floss and can't remember the name. The front is a freebie and the little bird on the back is from the Blackbrid Designs Honeysuckle Manor book. The scissors are Elizabeth I from Klemscott Designs .

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Trio

Bluebird by Blackbird Designs

32 ct. Flax Fields R&R

Crushed Berry by Hand-Dyed Fibers

Spring by ??
28 ct. white Monaco

Pastel Rainbow by Hand-Dyed Fibers

Quaker Flower by The Workbaset
40 ct. Attic Lace Lakeside Linen

Caribbean Eve by Hand-dyed fibers

I'm a new fan of hand-dyed fibers in silk. My first stitch with them was the Quaker flower and I wasn't crazy about it. Could be that it was 1 over 2, but the end result is good. Next was spring, which if anyone could tell me where this free design is from I would appreciate it. Oh and I just stitched the word not the little flowers on it. My third was the Blackbird design and that convinced me. I have more different colors to try, will probably do some small little pillows.

I have a new picture in my header that I took at Trout lake last week. You really had to be there to see this, but believe me it was funny. Mother and her babies were swimming around and there was a big puppy there, and he went after them, she got her babies away and the next thing you know the father duck comes over and gives her heck, it was quite of the site, both were quacking and flapping their wings at each other. I'm guessing she won as he left and she continued her swim around with the babies.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sew Blue

Design by iStitch

28ct. white Monaco

ThreadWorx #1016

If you look at the pattern, you will notice I left off the alphabet on the top, but did use the numbers with my initials on the back.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Pretty Lady

JBW Designs - French Country Dog

28 ct. Ivory Annabelle

Cherry Wine Sampler Threads By

The Gentle Art

I'm always telling my Tiger that she is a "Pretty Lady", so thought it would be appropriate for the back.