Cross Stitch Happy

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

The Mailman made it !

We have had so much snow and living on a main street with no curb access or proper sidewalks out front, caused the mailman to stop delivery. Well he made it today with lots of goodies and a neighbor's mail ! I still cannot get out, as the lane is a solid sheet of ice and I am not going to tempt it. Also in the mail is a notice to pick up a letter at the post office, apparently they wouldn't deliver it on the 29th.
First off I got my Kelmscott Initial Needle Minder. I find that having the initial "I" it is not so easy to find something I like or that resembles an I, sometimes looking more like a J. When I saw this I knew I just had to have it and it is perfect. It is laying on some 30ct. Baby's Breath Weeks linen. I had ordered some fabric from Mary Kathryn and when she couldn't get it I trusted her to replace it with another color and she did a terrific job, I love it !

Next I received a package from Anna and she spoiled me. I received one of her gingerbread men and absolutely love him. There is a floss keeper, 32 ct. Green Tea Lakeside Linens, Barbara Ana Designs Santa Paws Biscornu and Plum Street Samplers, My Pretties, I have been wanting these patterns for some time now.

Oops the delicious chocolate never made it to the photo shoot ! Thank you so much Anna.
I also received some charts I ordered and forgot about :) Home Coming Sampler by The Sampler House; Ode to Snow by The Trilogy and Pam's Ornaments by Chen Designs.
I'm still waiting for my parcel to arrive from Stitches 'n Things, I hope it somes soon. I'll not mention the bills that also came in today's mail :(

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Sorry I haven't been blogging. I am getting heaps of stitching done and will show those soon.
I leave you with pictures of the tree in front of my house, my back stairs( which I'm glad not to use), the bird feeder, which shows just how much snow we have and lastly Tiger enjoying the fireplace and after a romp in the snow.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Repairs and Service

Saturday evening my monitor died on me or so I thought. Hooked up another one and it didn't work so now I know it's the PC. Phoned 1-800-Geek Squad, first available appointment was Wednesday, I will be working so we'll make that Thursday morning and they tell you up front it's $129.00 plus taxes just to come. So I decided this morning to take it to the place I bought it, walked in to be told the technician won't be there till noon. I then took it to another place I have dealt with and have been very pleased with their service only to be told 1 week as there were 6 repairs ahead of me. Well I figured go with the Geek Squad. I had an appointment at this small outdoor shopping centre and they have a computer store there, I have nothing to lose to ask, right ? Oh did I mention that when you start my PC up there is a beep beep sound, that tells you what is wrong with it. I know this from my brother, but he couldn't remember what the beeps meant. Now the second place that said it would be a week, started it up and told me it was a hard drive problem. I'm no technician or geek or computer wiz so I take their word for it. This last, yes LAST place I stopped the guy tells me as soon as he hears the beeps I need a new video card, puts it in everything works fine and it cost me 52.00 video card 20.00 labour, with taxes $80.64. Now I know where to go if I need service, I will be highly recommending this place. Came home cancelled the Geek Squad, set up my PC and I have heaps of e-mails and blog updates to read and I am working the next two days. So there will be no further posts from me till the weekend.