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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Stitch to Finish

I thought about joining in the 15 Day Challenge, but with the amount of UFO's I have it just did not seem right. Not only that I tend to be a "I'm going to stitch this one" at whim type. So I am going to set up a small plan and see if I can stick to it.


  1. Stitch only UFO's, nothing new.
  2. Gather and organize those finishes that need to be finished off or framed.
  3. Finish off 8. Get 2 framed.
  4. Organize stitching stuff (this will be on-going, till I get it right *LOL*)

I do have plans for the rest of the year, but will see how January goes. I already broke #1 with a traditional New Year's Day start, but it's small. My plans include using up my DMC collection some colors I have 3-5 times over. Some I know I will never use, but I think they will make cute little fobs or biscornus. That idea will take some planning and I'm still thinking it out.

In the meantime this is the first UFO I pulled out to work on. You'll notice it says 2009.

I will post the others as I pull them out of hibernation.


Pointed Stitcher said...

I love your January goals, I'm always one to try to finish up projects if I can.

I always put the year in last, because just never know when you're actually going to finish it, lol. :)

Myra said...

It sounds like you know what you want to accomplish in January and they all seem doable. Of course we all know the best laid plans and all that. :o) Now you do have to share your New Year's start, whatchoo stitchin'?

Karen said...

Looks like you have a great plan! Can't wait to see all of your finishes!!!!!

happy stitching...

Andrea said...

Good luck with your goals. A good WIP to start off with.

Pumpkin said...

Sounds like a good and sane plan ;o) LOL!