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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Never Ask

Earlier today I wrote about how things happen in 3's and told about my first two. I should never have asked what #3 could possibly be. First off, let me say that my Mom is and will be okay.

Late this afternoon we went for fish and chips at our favorite place. Not sure if this was related, but she had a terrible coughing fit, so bad I was almost gagging myself. Luckily this was at the end of our meal, so we left. Just outside the restaurant Mom fell, it was like slow motion I'm behind her watching this and trying to grab her but can't reach and she falls flat on her face. I get down to see if she's okay and there's blood gushing out. Some people come to help and I ask that they call for an ambulance as she has hit her head. Even before the ambulance guys look at her, one asks did you push her, meaning it as a joke to lighten up the moment but of course I'm panicking at all this blood, forgetting that head wounds always bleed profusely. Thinking back I should have replied that if I did there would be no witnesses :) Seriously they did handle the whole situation professionally.

Now we are at the hospital, the condense version of 3 1/2 hours later is:

2 stitches to the cut above her eyebrow, where the eye lid is starting to swell and bruise. A tetanus shot, boy was that needle long. X-ray of her left hand as she says it hurts badly, nothing broken, but it did take the brunt of her weight. Blood tests and ekg. The doctors wanted to keep her overnight to monitor her heart but she refused. I tried to talk her into it, but she kept saying no she wanted to go home then says " If they are going to keep me you should go home", this went on for some time. They were going to arrange for her to come back and have a portable monitor put on for a couple of days, but in the end the final blood tests came back and her blood was elevated so she really had no choice. I asked what they meant and was told there was indication of muscle damage to the heart. So I'm guessing the drs. are thinking she had or has had minor heart attacks. This is not the first time she has fallen for no reason, meaning she didn't trip on anything but it is the first time she has hurt herself. I'm hoping they can find out what is happening or at least rule some things out.

She also broke her glasses beyond repair. This will make for a hectic week of getting her eyes examined and finding new glasses without her being able to see :)

All this stress is not good for my health, so I'm off to bed now, hopefully to sleep, if not at least resting and thinking soothing thoughts to calm me. Maybe a tropical island with my stitching and no worries haunting me.


Denise said...

Crossing my fingers all the tests will result in answers.

take care of yourself - we need you around! Get some rest and stitch a bit to calm down.


Carol said...

Oh, Irene, you have really had a time of it. I feel so badly for your mom and I really hope the doctors can find out what is behind her falling. It is so hard to watch our parents age, isn't it? It sounds like you need to take extra good care of yourself so you can help her out...

Pumpkin said...

Irene, I'm SO glad to hear that she is alright after all of that! My wonder you were so worried :o( At least the doctors got to examine her and maybe they will have some answers for you.

Take care of yourself. Sending cyber ((((HUGS)))) your way :o)

mumzy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom. The only silver lining is that it seems like she is getting a good check-up and may prevent more serious problems later.

Take care of yourself.