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Saturday, December 11, 2010

2 out of 3

"They" say things happen in 3's, well here's my first two.

1. This happened two weeks ago. Go to take a shower, water is "ice" cold. Look at hot water tank, no pilot light and a "bit" of water in tray. Try to turn pilot light back on no luck. Call Sears, this happened on a Thursday, first available time was Tuesday. Okay, guess I don't have much choice. Monday morning repair guy calls and we are on his schedule for that day. Goodie,but I have a dr's appointment, so we'll try for late afternoon. He doesn't call first just shows up, good thing I was home by then. The tank is still under warranty so I only pay for labour. $100.00 plus taxes and 45 minutes later he has it going and so far all is well.

2. Yesterday I woke up and for the first time in many a day it's not raining. Took Mom for her morning coffee, drove her home and said "I'm going to Trout Lake before Tiger disowns me." We had a nice short walk about and the fresh air did me a world of good. On the way home we pass Wal Mart so I decided to stop in and pick up a couple of things. Get back to my car and it won't start, all that happens are a few dash lights flickering. I call CAA and tell the girl that I don't think it's the battery but something electrical. BIG MISTAKE ! She sends out a tow truck. Thankfully the guy was really nice and helpful, he jumps my battery and the car starts, but as soon as I try to back up, it dies again. He takes a look at the battery and sure enough it needs to be replaced. I then have to wait for another CAA guy to come with a battery to install. This all started at around 2:30 and after picking up some fast food for supper, I got home close to 5:00.

3. Wonder what will happen next ????


Karen said...

Hope nothing else happens....

Pumpkin said...

Oye, hopefully nothing!

Myra said...

Wow Irene, you have really had a time of it haven't you? Sometimes I find it best not to ask what next. :o)

Olga said...

It sounds like you've already had enough "adventures".