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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Deception Pass

I was up early this morning to go to Bellingham. Since it was a nice day I went all the way to Whidbey Island to Anacortes to shop at Ana-Cross Stitch. I picked up some WDW and Shaker floss, the May-August HIH monthly markings, L*K Hocus Pocus, a couple of Bent Creek holiday charts and a really cute elephant design by Heart Strings. Then I noticed a bin with fabric scraps, about a dozen pieces wrapped in ribbon for $5.00. They are big enough for a fob or ornament, various colors, I couldn't resist and got 2. At the end of the block from the shop is this fire hydrant/fountain.

When I left there and since it was still early, thought I would "hop" over to Oak Harbour and check out their cross stitch shop. It wasn't where I last saw it and apparently no longer exists. Good thing I like to drive and was able to take some pictures along they way or I would be very upset. Well I am, but serves me right for not checking first.

These are a few of the photos I took.
When I got back to Bellingham I went to J&J Needle Arts shop. I was there about a year ago, only to find that they had closed. I thought maybe they had retired, but was surprised to find they had only moved to another location. I did buy a couple of things, which I will share next time. I'm too tired to get up and see what it was *LOL*
And speaking of tired, I must get to bed, it has been a very long day. Tomorrow I get to rest and then I'm working for 2 days, so that means getting up early again.


Vonna said...

Sounds like a lovely producting stashing day! I love those kinds of days! :o)
AND your photos are gorgeous that bridge is gorgeous with the mist...

Angela said...

Sounds like you had fun shopping and I too love thepic of the bridge.

Beatrice said...

I love the photos you took. Who would have thought of painting the hydrant...that is too cool!!!!
You sure got a good haul of stash. Don't you just love a bargain?
The photos are beautiful!

~ Toni ~ said...

Great pictures and thanks for the shop updates. Sounds like you have lots of goodies to keep you busy. Happy Stitching!

Miss 376 said...

Worth the drive for those views

Pumpkin said...

Sounds like you had an awesome day! Your pictures are just gorgeous Irene.

I can't believe how many LNS you have that are somewhat close to you!

mumzy said...

Sounds like you had a great shopping expedition. It is so much fun when you find materials that are different.

Great pictures! Hope to be able to take another trip to BC sometime in the future.

Hope you had a good rest!