Cross Stitch Happy

Thursday, February 21, 2008


First we have the tree that Terri designed for Stitch Pink . I had stitched this up some time ago and used dyed thread and it ran when I ironed it. After living in the laundry room and going through every hot wash I remembered to put it in, it is as clean as it will get.

Second we have a design from Tantes Zolder stitched on 28 ct. with DMC CV4180. Thinking of making this into a pin keep. This design would be better in a solid color for the hearts to stand out more.

And last we have a Pink Butterfly from

DMC also using DMC CV4120. This is my first pillow tuck and I just "tucked" it in for the photo. There is not enough fabric to "fill" the tuck. Any help in how I would get this to stay put would be appreciated.
This is the Gastown Steam Clock. It is situated in the oldest part of downtown Vancouver.


Pumpkin said...

You've been a busy girl! Great finishes Irene and I have no idea where your thread bled? The second project will make an excellent pinkeep.

As for the lack of material, I can't seem to think of anything right now. Sorry :o(

Sally said...

Beautiful finishes Irene:)

Wanda said...

Your finishes look great! Umm the lack of fabric I would probably add some extra fabric to the sides it will be tucked in so you would never know.

stitcherw said...

All three look lovely, congrats on three such pretty finishes.

As to the one tuck, like Wanda said you could stitch a bit of fabric to the sides so that it doesn't move about. Or, you could take a tiny stitch in the top two corners of the stitched part (or maybe just in the center) through to the back of the tuck. You could use thread to match the tuck (since it wouldn't show on the stitched front as would be hidden in the tuck), and it would be hardly detectible on the back of the tuck. Hope that made sense. Can't think of any other ideas at the moment.

tkdchick said...

Your pieces look lovely!

Sachiko said...

Lovely pink stitches!

Jennifer said...

That’s a lovely pink collection giving a very innocent look :) if I say “babyish” even then that would not be wrong either…know you will agree to it :)

Celtic said...

The design from Tantes Zolder is superb. Its simple, elegant and appealing. Like your framed butterfly too. Very good use of pink colour.