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Monday, February 11, 2008

New Look

Just like a haircut or wardrobe I was getting tired of the same old look. Came across this site and thought why not. While it may look like I know what I am doing, I really don't. When I was saving the new template it said something about saving widgets, what the heck are they ??? Guess I didn't agree to saving them and now half my blog is gone. Thankfully none of my posts are gone, just the sidebar, which probably needed updating anyways. Hopefully next time I will know what I am doing :)

I do have some stitching done, but my camera battery is being charged.

This is BC Place, future home of the opening and closing ceremonies for the 2010 Olympics. While I won't be going to see them, I do remember like it were yesterday, going to see Pope John Paul II in 1984.


Carmen said...

i lost the widgets two times, so i decide save the links in a wordpad, just in case i erase all the stuff in my blog...again.

..i never learn..

Pumpkin said...

Good thing you warned me ahead of time! LOL! It looks great Irene and very festive looking :o)

Dawn B. said...

Love the new look.

Mel said...

widgets are what people are now calling back end scripting language (like javascript). They are like a template of simple scripts that make your blog look nicer and have more features without you having to know how to code them.
That sucks that you have lost a bunch of stuff.

However your blog is still fantastic and great to read!