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Friday, January 05, 2007

Winter Wonderland AGAIN !

This is the view that greeted me this morning when I looked out my bedroom window. It was not the nice fluffy stuff, but wet. I was to take my Mom to two appointments today and told her to phone and change them as I was not about to go out in this. Late this afternoon it turned to rain and most of it is gone, although tonight it is very windy.
I finished my first Prairie Schooler Santa today, guess that makes it my first finish for 2007 ! I started #2, there will be 3 on this same fabric, but hey it still counts as one finished.


Sally said...

Your snow looks very pretty Irene. Wish we'd get some here but it looks like we're in for a snow free winter:(

~Kim~ said...

You are so lucky you lost the snow.. we are still dealing with ours. Its slowly leaving.

Congrats on your 1st finish of the new year! Cant wait to see the 2nd. :)


Nancy in IL said...

Irene, congrats on your first 2007 finish!!! I love this PS Santa! Hey, do ya think you could send soem of that winter weather to IL? I'm jealous! We've had nothing but rainy, dismal, warm weather. I hate it this time of year.

Lelia said...

I don't care to drive in snow/slush/ice either.

We have not had a lot of snow lately; however, it is in the week-end forecast.

Luv the PS santa ... yes, it counts as a finish : )

Glenna said...

That's a pretty chilly-looking picture..brrr. Congrats on your finish--I think it's funny that so many of us are doing Christmas themed things after Christmas.

Carey said...

The Snow looks like a postcard!
Nice job on the Santa, I love it!!

-Carey K.
I'm Cross Stitch Crazy!!!

Pumpkin said...

Holy cow Irene! You have more snow than we do ;o)

Irene said...

AND we are to get more snow tonight and tomorrow !