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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tagged....twice !!

I've been tagged to reveal 6 weird things about myself, TWICE. Well I'm having a hard time thinking of 6 so I won't be doing 12 :) I guess things don't seem so weird when you do them yourself and if you do them for a lifetime it's just a part of who you are.

  • I loathe tomatoes, but love anything made from them, ketchup, salsa, tomato soup.
  • Speaking of tomato soup, when I was little I would eat it straight out of the can, which may explain why I usually eat a spoonful before I cook it.
  • Eat french fries with mayonnaise (only at The White Spot, and if you've been to this restaurant it may not be weird to you)
  • Can't go to bed before I do my nightly Sudoku puzzle.
  • Unless I'm expecting a phone all, I don't usually answer my phone, but let the answering machine get it.
  • Can't swim or tread water, but love to play in a pool as long as the water does not go above my neck.

I now tag:







Off to do my Sudoku then bed :)


Sally said...

Hi Irene! Just done my 6 weird things! Had a hard time thinking about them!

anna said...

Irene, beware, you'd better delete the call_anna comment, it's not mine and it looks well like a virus invitation to me :(. Yikes, people! Thanks for answering to my tagging :) I love French fries with mayo too... schlurpf!

Pumpkin said...

Tagged twice! We must have been aware how weird you really are Irene ;o) LOL!

~Kim~ said...

Thanks for the tag.. LOL I that was fun!