Cross Stitch Happy

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The Gift of Stitching. I believe this was sent out to all subscribers. Stitched on 28ct white with DMC.

Pattern can be found here Kincavel Krosses. Stitched on 28ct white with Rosace, not the greatest thread I've stitched with.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I can't believe my last post was a month ago. I am 99.9% better with the pinched nerve. The tip of my index finger is still frozen. The Dr. says it may still come around, but it's been a while and I can't see it getting any better. It's not painful, just very awkward.

I've been doing some stitching, this is where it gets awkward holding the needle, but I can still stitch :) I'll be sharing some photos soon.

Our weather has been so crazy. We'll get some really nice days, hot and sunny, then wham it rains. Last Thursday and Friday were the craziest, rain for a couple of hours then sunny, then back to rain. At one point the rain was coming down so hard it was bouncing off the road.

I got my new camera today, it is a Sony Cyber-shot and so far I am liking it. Still have some things to figure out.

This is the very first picture I took. I couldn't get Tiger to look at me, there was no food involved :)

I started up another blog Daily Focus, with the intent of posting a photo daily, but now I think I will just see how many I can get on there before the end of the year.