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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pass or Fail

Well today was the day for my big test. Preparation for this started a week ago, stop eating nuts, seeds and multi grain breads and no aspirin. The nuts were really hard, but I managed. Yesterday was the hard prep, Pico-Salax at 11:00 am and 4:00 pm and 2 Dulcolax tablets at 8:00 pm. Only water, broth or apple juice to drink, no food. Have you figured out the name of this test, you've probably had one or know someone that has. That's right, it was a colonoscopy. Yesterday between running to the toilet, washing the floor, ending up doing laundry about 3 times and after getting up this morning cleaning the carpet...yuck yuck yuck is all I can say. Remember my saying the problem originally started late last summer, and by the time I got in to see the specialist mid November my problem had stopped. He suggested due to my age it wouldn't hurt any to have one done. Well, shortly into the New Year I started having incidents (as I call them) worse then last summer and almost every day. Tuesday I was to go for a follow up ultrasound (a different condition) and had to detour back home and re-schedule, my "incident" that morning being one of the worst. I told Dr. R. about this and he said he would do a biopsy of the entry tissue (???) I think that was what he said, for (???) once again I can't remember the word he used. For the procedure they knock you out, but I awoke just at the end and could see the screen and that little camera was still doing it's job and even though I am not in the medical field, it all looked pink and healthy to me. Dr. R. didn't see me afterwards and the nurses gave me instructions, first one is I could resume a normal diet as I did not have any polyps removed and I think she also mentioned no tumour. That to me is pretty obvious as I'm sure the Dr. would have talked to me about a tumor. Second one see Dr. R. in March.

Sounds like everything is okay, maybe something will show up in the biopsy. I know it is not cancer from what my own Dr. and Dr. R. have said plus I don't have any of the cancer symptoms. I know doctors can be wrong, but my feelings on this are pretty strong that it is not. Polyps don't seem to be the case, as there were none. Could be stress ? I lead a pretty slow and calm life, so I wouldn't think so.

Pass or fail and what is wrong, guess we'll find out in March.


Vonna said...

Oh my, I've had two colonoscopies...yikes. Really they aren't bad, its the prep. I was awake the whole time I had mine though. YUCK!
I wonder Irene if it is IBS?

Pumpkin said...

Oh Irene, I'm sorry to hear this :o( It doesn't sound like much fun. I was supposed to have one but went against doctor's orders. I just hate the idea.

I'm glad to hear that things went well. Maybe Vonna is right, it might be IBS. I suffer from that and if I don't pay attention to the warning signs, I could be in trouble. Please keep us updated.

Melissa said...

Oh Irene, what a yucky day indeed. At least no bad things showed up. I hope you find some relief soon.

Just to share some info, I'm changing my diet on the advice of my naturopath. While doing so I'm also reading up on what to eat and what not to and why. It's been immensely helpful and I feel a lot better from the change in what I eat. If you are interested, email me and I'll send you some titles.

Mylene said...

Sorry to hear what you've gone through but glad to hear nothing bad was found out.
Take care.

Carol said...

This is so weird, Irene, but I just had one myself today! My first one and I agree with you, the prep was just horrid. Mine was just a screening one (since I'm over 50), but I was relieved to find that all was well.

I do hope the doctors can help you out. My son suffers from IBS and I know how frustrating issues with your digestive tract can be... Sending you good thoughts :)

Brigitte said...

Good to hear that everything went well. From everyone who went through this I heard that the prep was the worst part. Never had one so far but have to this year, too. Not looking forward to.

Carolyn NC said...

Hope you get answers soon. And yes, a colonoscopy is something for Everyone to look forward to....not. :)

Anna van Schurman said...

I have had many colonoscopies (if you read my blog regularly you know why) and yes, the prep is the worst part and usually worse than the illness that is being investigated! But FYI, healthy colon is actually kind of flesh colored, more beige than pink. Though I have woken up at the end of colonoscopies to see yellow colon, so who knows what you really saw. ;)