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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Time Flies ....

when you are having fun, or so the saying goes. I do have a fair bit of stitching to show. I started the year off with great intentions, keeping my blog and webshots current and sometime during the year it to all went by the wayside. I'm really going to try harder to do this so here goes. I'm just going to show a couple now and more over the next few days, maybe even more today. I just need to get the particulars together on what I stitched.

Freebie from
28 ct. white evenweave
DMC CV 4020

28 ct. white evenweave
DMC 813,823,646
I made mine into a pillow.
My new header picture was taken at Trout Lake, and you can see the trees are just starting to change for fall. I love this time of year, sunny, warm, cool breeze and the changing of colors makes it just right :)


Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

cute work, Irene! Looking forward to seeing more.

Carolyn NC said...

Cute stitching - love the little dress! Great picture for your header.

CindyMae said...

Those are both too cute! Love em!

Pumpkin said...

You're just not keeping up because you're stitching all the time! LOL! Great finishes :o)

Love your header. The leaves are starting to change colors here too.