Cross Stitch Happy

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Q Snap Huggers

I have been admiring these on Kim's blog for some time now. I finally broke down and ordered some. They are wonderful, no need to worry about that extra fabric getting dirty or in the way. I'm sure I will be needing more :)

I was walking at Trout Lake the other day and snapped this picture of a Rose growing amongst the wild grass. Funny thing was I had been there 2
days earlier and no rose, now 3 days later, no rose. Sure glad I snapped the picture when I did, might think I was hallucinating.


Pumpkin said...

I love Kim's Huggers! I just bought another one :o)

Gorgeous rose! You were at the right place at the right time.

Sandy Borngasser said...

You said that you ordered huggers. Where did you order from? I want some too.